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案件No. 200216
住所 東京都
従業員数 10~20名
法曹資格 特に問わない
募集職種 パラリーガル
仕事内容 ・Securities filing for foreign companies with Japanese stock options
・Principally assisting lawyers, shihoshoshi and gyoseishoshi on corporate and immigration matters for firm clients
・Preparation of corporate and immigration documents under supervision of a lawyer, shihoshoshi or gyoseishoshi
・Research on legal matters for clients and company background matters for business development purpose and for opening client files
・Occasional travel outside office to make government filings or obtain documents, including to the Legal Affairs Bureau, Bank of Japan(Nihon Ginko), local finance bureau, etc.
・Such other translation related duties as shall from time to time be directed by lawyers
・Handling tight deadline and/or short notice
・Working overtime as and when necessary
・Phone calls and written correspondence with local government offices, banks, and clients as necessary
・Arrange cash advance /dockets for costs related to company registrations and other governmental filings
・Assistance with various administrative matters around office, including receiving/making phone calls, IT trouble shooting when necessary, particularly on Japanese language based computer systems
・Responsible for own time recording
勤務地 東京都
給与 500~800万円
応募方法 以下のフォームより、「メッセージ」欄に案件名をご記入の上ジュリナビキャリア担当者までお問い合わせください。
選考プロセス 書類選考


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